What Is A CMS

fdf3ee3a-76df-4f2a-bcc4-04ea97006007.webp A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows you to make, update, and remove content easily from your website. The CMS that we offer for your website is an easy to use system that allows you to make your website exactly how you want it. You can have multiple users in our CMS that have different roles and access levels. You can have one person who can update content on a specific list of pages, or another person who can only manage the job postings and events on your website. You can have as many users as you want in our CMS.

In the CMS that we provide for you, there many things you can do in it. You can create events, so that people that come to your website can see what is going on at your business and when things are happening. These events also will show up on the website calendar.

You can add job listings that can be applied for on the website or they can link to another website if you already have a job application form somewhere else. When you do use the built in job application form, users of the CMS who have a access to the job applications can see them, and all private information is encrypted to make sure that information cannot be stolen.

Image galleries can be added to your website with the CMS. The image galleries you add can be slideshows, with multiple different options for the slideshow, or they can be pop up images. When they are pop up images, they will be arranged in a grid and when you click on it, it will pop up in a larger view.

You can also add videos to your website as well. With the videos, you can add subtitles for the video so that anyone who is deaf can follow along with what is going on in the video. You can also add your own poster image, so that you can decide what image is shown before the video is clicked.

If you have custom code that you made or got from a third party, you can add it into the CMS. The CMS can easily add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to any page.

News articles can be added to your website through the CMS. In a news article, you can add images and text, and you can have preview text that will show up on a page and link to the full news article. The news articles can also be searched for on the website as well.

Like a news article, you can add a blog to your website as well. The blog will have a preview of information that is contained in the blog that will show up on the specified page, and then link to the full blog. On the blog people can sign up on your website to comment on the blog. Just like the news articles, blog posts can be searched for on the website as well.

People who sign up on your website cannot only just comment on blogs, but they can also sign up for communications and get communications from different groups that you can make in the CMS. With the CMS, you can manage who is in these groups, you can add or remove people who are in them. You can create, edit, and remove groups that are in the CMS. You can also use the CMS to send emails to everyone who is in the group that you select for the email.

There is more that our CMS can do and it will help you create your website exactly as you want and need it and if you get a website with us, we will show you all that it can do. It will help you make an amazing website that will rank higher in Google search results, and bring you more business.